The Inspiration Behind the Creation

The Inspiration Behind the Creation

Have you ever looked at a piece of art or sculpture and wondered where the artist got the inspiration from? There is something intriguing about the process that goes into creating a piece of art and how an artist transforms an idea into something more corporeal...

I often look at pieces that come into the shop and wonder how the artist came up with the concept. Fortunately, I'm in the position where I get to ask our artists what inspired a particular piece and with their permission, we have decided to share some of these stories:

Working among other creatives during a cold winter when the urge to huddle by the fire sometimes outweighs creative tendencies, Ingrid van Heusden was set a challenge:

Take a photo within the Whau area (Pt Chev, Mt Roskill etc) and make a piece responding to the photo.

Ingrid took a photo of water hitting the concrete where rowers launched their vessels into the Whau River. The image captured the tiny bubbles that rose to the surface and sat for several minutes before dispersing away. It also showed the contrast between the clarity of the water and the roughness of the wood and concrete.

Ingrid's inspiration

The photo Ingrid took as part of a challenge set to jewellers in her shared studio space.

The next step of the challenge was to translate the image into a wearable piece of jewellery. With a variety of tools, a lot of skill and patience Ingrid combined two contrasting metals (sterling silver and copper) to create two pieces of jewellery that captured the essence of the photo:

Whau Cuff and Earrings by IV Jewellery



Buy the cuff or the earrings exclusively at Quirky Fox.

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