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Feel by Jane Crisp - an exhibition

Requiem by Jane Crisp

Jane Crisp's latest exhibition 'Feel' explores the nature of grief; grief for family members essentially taken away by illness but still physically present and grief for the loss of a long time companion. Processing her emotions through her art, Jane kindly shared the thought process behind her latest body of work:

"Being surrounded by grief, experienced from slowly losing my Mum to Dementia and the altered dynamics of family, and then the sudden loss of Neo, my studio mate who was always beside me 24 hours a day and a huge part of my life, I've had to understand the many more layers of grief and where this new grief showed up. Through these experiences there is always something to understand that gives reason and meaning, and there we find ourselves forced into extreme growth, pushed out of our comfort zones and into the space where real life happens, a place where our reality shifts, the place where we get to really experience being human, outside of the reality we previously were familiar with. Where we must feel it all to move through it all so we can emerge with a new perspective and understanding of life itself.

I've always 'felt' the world around me, and I've learnt that allowing ourselves to feel in all vulnerability, to understand the emotions and experience we are going through or to feel the energy of the collective, allows us to experience whats happening fully on a larger scale. Grief is at the forefront for us all right now as the world goes through massive changes and we all must adapt and be conscious about the new world we are creating, we need to understand grief fully if we are to spend our energy wisely to build a healthier world and a healthier society, because grief is love with nowhere to go, and it has the ability to disguise itself and come out in many ways. By understanding grief we can then transform it and discover the benefits of the experience, because I believe everything we go through has a reason and a purpose, to understand our selves more fully, and to understand the world more fully, which leads to expansion of consciousness." 

Jane Crisp's exhibition 'Feel' opens Monday 7 May 2018.


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