Least Concern | Art Exhibition

Arctic Fox by Asher Boardman | Quirky Fox

Least Concern by Asher Boardman | Quirky Fox

Asher Boardman's latest exhibition continues to explore the theme of man's impact on nature and the environment:

'Least Concern' highlights an underlying hierarchy within the continuously expanding list of endangered species. 

Generally, we as the global public, are made aware of larger and more visually appealing animals that are endangered and therefore we become most concerned with ‘saving’ them. 
Often these aren’t catagorised as critically endangered.  While we concern ourselves with sponsoring and petitioning to save them, the small, less ‘pretty’, too generic or too weird but, in fact, critically endangered animals often go by with no exposure to help their cause and in turn, for no particular reason, are 'less important’.
These works feature species of the same geographic location, in most instances one more recognisable than the other, but both of the same endangered status.
'Least Concern' opens Wednesday 5 June.

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