Threads of Nature | Art Exhibition

Threads of Nature by Cathy Jane Brickhall

We start the new year with an exquisite collection of embroidered works by artist Cathy Jane Brickhill in 'Threads of Nature'.

Cathy's ethereal, delicate, nature-driven embroidery art pieces are a truly modern take on an old form of machine embroidery.  Inspired by countless days spent in the rural parts of New Zealand, Cathy finds and brings back tiny skeletal leaves, fallen petals, autumn toned leaves, lichen, fungi, shells, feathers etc. Once back in her studio she photographs, dries and presses each piece to form a template from which sketches are drawn.    

Her passion for sewing and artistic flare began at a very early age, creating and wearing her one of a kind garments.  Her first sewing machine was an old Bernina Minimatic her mother gifted to her at the age of 14.  Cathy imagined her career taking place in the fashion world and at one time had a successful line of custom made bikinis worn by numerous models and showcased in fashion magazines.   She loves the idea of having something that no-one else in the whole world has.  "There's something magical about that!" she states.  She has mastered all types of hand-stitching, crocheting, and tailoring. Cathy likes to sew each embroidery piece as complicated as possible, creating dimension, texture, with a similarity to the real object she has sketched - many needles, multiple thread colours and time goes into one piece, making it unique like no other.  

'Threads of Nature' opens Wednesday 16 January 2019.


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