Square Platter | Glass

David Traub

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  • 'Square Platter' is part of an ongoing series of platters by David Traub that draws attention to the relationship between everyday domestic objects and art objects. The work combines both handblown and fused glass techniques.

    Taking upwards of 50 hours to complete the work is created through a series of steps:

    "To make my work I start in the hot glass studio. I pick up a small piece of coloured glass on a blowing iron, get it hot and blow a small bubble. Then I case the bubble in two layers of clear glass and manipulate the glass to open the end and shape it so it looks like a sock with the toe cut off. I put this back in the furnace and suck hot glass back up the tube.

    This is then stretched using heat and gravity to make a metre long cane which has a clear glass centre, a ring of colour and is cased in a ring of clear glass. One rod takes 15 minutes to make. To do the work in this exhibition each platter needs 25 to 30 of those rods. I then lay the rods down and cut them to give the impression of a stripe of colour. After assembling the design of my choice, I place the glass in a kiln taking the temperature up to 890°C and then slowly back to room temperature. This first firing takes 28 hours from start to finish and results in a flat piece of glass with my coloured composition. The next step is to cold work the edges and back of the tile before I put it in a slump mould for the second firing of 17 hours. In this firing, I only reach 640°C and the glass becomes soft enough to bend into the mould. After this, I further wheel cut the back of the platter before it is signed and ready to exhibit."

    Dimensions: 350mm (h) x 350mm (w) x 90mm (d)

    Medium: Fused and blown glass


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