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Beautiful Bizarre

Beautiful Bizarre - Issue 42

Beautiful Bizarre - Issue 42

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Inside Beautiful Bizarre Issue 042:

Exclusive In-Depth Interviews: Eric Fortune [cover artist], Aron Wiesenfeld, Andrew Valko, Richard A. Williams.

Articles: Travis Louie, Yoshitoshi Kanemaki, Angela Gram, Michael Bergt, Tina Spratt, Naya Kotko.

Curators Wishlist: Leesa Hickey, Director of Side Gallery in Brisbane, Australia shares what she would like to add to her personal collection.

Path to Creation: Surreal figurative painter Alex Garant takes us through her creation process from conceptualisation to completion.

Lookbook: Full page reproductions of Bastien Lecouffe Deharme‘s dark surreal digital paintings.

Quick Q&A: Kristy Moreno, Sofía Bonati, Kremena Chipilova [2nd Prize Winner, RAYMAR Traditional Art Award, 2022 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize], Monica Ikegwu, Sooj Mitton, Laurie Hogin, all respond to the same 4 questions which delve into their artistic practice:

  • How do you approach the creative process and what is your process like?
  • What’s one of your biggest regrets as an artist?
  • What impact has the contemporary art scene had on your work?
  • How do you engage with your audience and foster a relationship with your fans?

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is packed full of insightful and inspiring articles and interviews with the best leading and emerging visual artists from around the world, studio visits, intimate conversations between artists about life, love, family, overcoming challenges and art, highlights on some of our favourite wearable art brands, prominent Gallerists share their personal collection wishlists, our Instagram community feature and much more!

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is perfect for anyone who is interested in visual and wearable art.

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Beautiful Bizarre

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a leading art magazine for contemporary artists and art lovers, featuring in-depth interviews and profiles of leading and emerging visual and wearable artists from around the world.

Each issue offers informative, inspiring, and thought-provoking content, perfect for artists, artisan fashion designers, collectors, curators, galleries, and anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the contemporary art world.