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Virginie Gribouilli

Fox, Osseus Pestiferus Rx

Fox, Osseus Pestiferus Rx

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Artist Statement: 

Part of the Osseus Pestiferus, Resilient Spirits Series: a series featuring animals considered harmful or invasive.

In a divergent world, nature is called into question. Nature's essence reminds us that it is a whole, including all life on Earth. Put in the dock, it is fragmented. Flesh is hollowed out, bones are exposed, but the power of life remains intact. The majesty of the Osseus Pestiferus is unconditional and unchanging. Time passes, transforming them into indestructible mythological relics.

Dimensions: 190mm x 20mm x 175mm

Year: 2024

Medium: Mixed Media

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Virginie Gribouilli

Virginie Gribouilli was born in France in 1982.

Through her work, she recounts the traces that we living beings, humans, animals and plants will leave in time, and what mythologies will be born from these legends in the future.

After completing her studies in applied arts in 2004, Virginie embarked on a career as a graphic designer and illustrator, and discovered sculpture as a hobby using papier-mâché.

Fate brought her into contact with cold porcelain, and it was in discovering the possibilities of this material that these skeletal silhouettes were born, thanks to experimentation and the creation of her own techniques.

In 2018, and following successful exhibitions in France and Geneva, she won an audience prize in Ville-La Grand, France, and decided to professionalize her art.

In 2023 she was named a finalist in the Beautiful Bizarre Art Awards Yasha Young Sculpture category.