Ida May | Original

Rachelle Sutherland

  • "Her decisiveness and discipline

    Her patience and determination

    Her strength

    Her dream"

    Part of Rachelle's Sutherland's 'materfamilias' series, which explores the matriarchs from our past and present, 'Ida May' has been created by using dot after dot over 200+ hours in a method called stippling to create the silhouette of a boxing ballerina.

    Throughout the 'materfamilias' series the rose represents what is passed on from one generation to the next. It can be manipulated, it can evolve: history can't be changed, but what we carry into the future can be.

    'Ida May' has been float mounted in an ornate pewter frame with a dark blue velvet mat. The raw edges of the work have been left exposed.

    Year: 2019

    Dimensions: 770mm (w) x 500mm (h)

    Framed Dimensions: 980mm (w) x 720mm (h)

    Medium: Coptic Multiline SP on acid-free 300gsm Fabriano Paper

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