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Minu Freitag

Lia & The Cloud No. 2

Lia & The Cloud No. 2

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Both Lia and Liv are eying The Cloud suspiciously.

All that wet might wash away their beautiful colours? 


Dimensions: 140mm (w) x 400mm (h) x 40mm (d)

Year: 2024

Medium: 2 piece wall art doll made paper mache, wood, acrylic, framed

Framing: Framed

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Minu Freitag Artist

Minu Freitag

Minu Freitag is a New Zealand-based artist and writer. Trained as an architect and multimedia producer, she has worn many hats in the creative industries, but found her creative home as a toymaker, illustrator and writer.

Minu’s often anthropomorphic characters and scenes seem to emerge from forgotten tales of lonely wanderers, fantastical creatures, and woodland spirits. Her creations are caught in a juxtaposition between light and dark, melancholy and hope.