Marjorie Jean | Limited Edition

Rachelle Sutherland

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  • This black and white boxing glove features the lines and creases of a well-used glove. Not a glove fresh from the packet but one that has seen both success and defeat.

    'Marjorie Jean' is part of Rachelle's Sutherland's 'materfamilias' series which explores the matriarchs from our past and present. Each of the works was named after a woman in the artist's maternal line, 'Marjorie Jean' is a tribute to Rachelle's nana.

    Throughout the 'materfamilias' series, the rose represents what is passed on from one generation to the next. It can be manipulated, it can evolve: history can't be changed, but what we carry into the future can be. The rose is present on the cuff of the boxing glove. Although not instantly associated with symbols of feminity the boxing glove is a symbol of feminine strength and will.

    Edition Size: 50

    Year: 2019

    Image Dimensions: 250mm (dia)


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