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Minu Freitag

Moi & The Cloud No. 2

Moi & The Cloud No. 2

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Moi is going to ignore The Cloud.

He has no time for clouds.

The Cloud can just go on and rain.

He is not made out of sugar. He won't melt.

Who cares about clouds anyway?


Dimensions: 175mm (w) x 360mm (h) x 75mm (d)

Year: 2024

Medium: Paper mache, wood, acrylic, framed in reclaimed Rimu

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Minu Freitag Artist

Minu Freitag

Minu Freitag is a New Zealand-based artist and writer. Trained as an architect and multimedia producer, she has worn many hats in the creative industries, but found her creative home as a toymaker, illustrator and writer.

Minu’s often anthropomorphic characters and scenes seem to emerge from forgotten tales of lonely wanderers, fantastical creatures, and woodland spirits. Her creations are caught in a juxtaposition between light and dark, melancholy and hope.