How To Buy Art: The Simple Version

Lix North Original Art Work

Buying art can be a complicated decision depending on your reasons for buying it: are you buying your art as a future investment or something to complete your home?

Regardless of your budget or aim, buy art you love.

Art you love will grow with you and if it happens to increase in value it's a bonus. Art that matches your couch or rug, is art that you will outgrow and discard after a couple of years or when you move home or change your decor.

Art that makes you feel an emotional connection will always find a place in your home. Even if that place is not where you initially purchase the piece for. I've brought art that I visualised going in my lounge that ended up in the bedroom, it didn't work in the lounge but looks amazing in the bedroom.

If the art you purchase happens to increase in value over time it is a bonus but shouldn't be your only reason for purchasing art, art is to be seen and enjoyed. It is to create conversation and connection.

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