Monthly Picks: Leigh Schneider

Leigh Schneider Gone to Seed

Leigh Schneider - Guest Curator September 2022

Each month we ask one of our artists or collaborators to select two of their favourite works from our collection.

This month our guest curator is Leigh Schneider.

Leigh is a conceptual fine art photographer who brings a stealthy optimism to her work; what could be seen as dark themes are mixed with elements of hope.

Leigh’s interest in photography started at sixteen but was put aside to work in graphic design. Her passion was reunited in 2017 after a house robbery caused her to lose all her work.

Leigh recently exhibited her piece ‘A Wing and A Prayer’ in our 10th birthday exhibition. This piece also saw Leigh named as a finalist in Beautiful Bizarre’s Annual Art Prize. Her work is also featured in Issue 038 of Beautiful Bizarre as part of their ‘Join our Tribe’ feature.

In early 2023, Quirky Fox will host Leigh’s first solo exhibition.



Ruth Ju-Shih Li porcelain sculpture In Time II

In Time II by Ruth Ju-shih Li

This piece by Ruth Ju-shih Li captured my attention as soon as I walked into Quirky Fox.

Pure white and delicate, simple and yet full of movement, emotion and beauty!

It’s also such a perfect size, I’d love to have it in my collection surrounded by other natural curiosities and dried flowers.



Thinky Pinky Open Edition Print by Darktopia

Thinky Pinky by Anika Ramholdt

This piece is just so cute. This sad little pink guy pondering his existence, waist deep in water. I love the description too - “Some believe he escaped to New Zealand after being teased by his relatives for having pink fur and small feet…”

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