Monthly Picks: Monika Mitkute

Monika Mitkute Artist

Monika Mitkute - Guest Curator February 2024

We are back with new picks from our artists for the new year and what better way to start than by introducing one of our newest artists and her picks for the month.

Monika Mitkute was born in Lithuanian but is now based in Dublin. Her background in print making influences her drawing style which is quirky and offbeat but ultimately uplifting and reminds the viewer just how much fun your imagination can be.

Monika kindly shared her thoughts with us:

Quirky Fox very graciously invited me to be a guest curator for February. I’m over the moon to be given the opportunity, thank you Vicki! My task is as follows, if money was no object what two pieces would I choose from the collection.



Andie Taylor Original Painting Liminal, Perpetual.

Liminal, Perpetual by Andie Taylor

I had to stop and take my time to look deep into Andie Taylor’s painting. To go through each layer much like I would turn the pages in a book that reveal this incredible world in front of me. Every time I see ‘Liminal, Perpetual’ I forget about the real world all around me and fall into Andie’s beautiful piece. 



Ronelle Reid Coloured Pencil Original Slowly but Surely

Slow & Steady by Ronelle Reid

I love this piece by Ronelle Reid. As a child I used to watch snails wandering in the wild. ‘Slow & Steady’ makes my heart beat faster as I recall those distant childhood moments. Viewing the piece I can picture myself having a long and carefree conversation with the snail… to find out how their day went, because I have all the time in the world to listen to their stories.

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