Monthly Picks: Vicki Fox

Vicki Fox - Monthly Picks January 2023

I’m extremely lucky in my job to have curated the environment around myself with artists and artworks that I admire so choosing only two is a difficult choice, however after a busy end to the year and many of our artists on holiday, I decided to share two of my personal favourites in this month’s picks:



Tsubaki Scythe Original Print In The…

In The… (Raccoon) by Tsubaki Scythe

Who doesn’t love a trash panda? Particular one that is seemingly reaching out for a hug.

Tsubaki Scythe’s detailed intaglio etching showcases the playful and loveable nature of a raccoon. Or at least how they are commonly portrayed on social media.

Framing the image is an ornate frame adding depth and narrative to the work.

In addition to the work’s cute personality, this is an intricate work by a young and upcoming talent; I look forward to seeing how Tsubaki’s career progresses as she reaches her twenties and beyond.



Gillian Buckley Original Drawing Union Jack

Union Jack by Gillian Buckley

Gillian Buckley is no stranger to detail. Her portraits are almost hyper realistic in their portrayal of even the finest peach fuzz on her model’s skin or fine cresses in their hands. Her attention to detail has carried over from her portrait work to this life like portrayal of a Union Jack.

Every fold and shadow of a canvas like material has been carefully render. Looking even closer you can see the “white stitching” joining the various colours together, even in the tiny little red snippet in the centre of the material.

The technique is this piece is mesmerising, each time I look at the work it feels like you should be able to reach through the glass and unroll a physical flag. Even the grain of the flag canvas is shown.

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