Quirky Fox’s Stance on AI-Generated Art

Quirky Fox’s Stance on AI-generated Art

Quirky Fox stands with our artists against the emergence of AI-generated Art.

Until steps are taken to address the ethical issues that AI-generated art have including, but not limited to, breach of copyright and biases against women and minorities our view is unlikely to change.

We firmly believe that art takes time, creativity, patience, mistakes and skill. It is a human creation not a machine creation.

We have spent a lot of time researching the inherent issues AI-generated art has, as discussed in our previous blog post, and believe AI-generated art is harmful to artists. 

We know it can be difficult to identify AI-generated art, we sometimes struggle when looking through social media, and we want to reassure our customers and our artists that the artists we represent are real people that have worked hard to develop their skills and careers. We have recently amended our artist agreements to ensure no AI-generated art is exhibited or shown at Quirky Fox.

Quirky Fox believes in supporting artists not algorithms.

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