Strange Dreamscapes

Finely detailed black and white works, with the occasional pop of gold or red, feature in our upcoming exhibition featuring artists from New Zealand and across the globe.

Each of the participating artists carefully balances black, white and grey tones to create delicate works in their own style: from small birds to powerful goddesses.

For many years I have wanted to put together an exhibition dedicated to two of the things I’m most drawn to: fine details and monochrome colours. Many of the works in my personal collection feature either or both of these characteristics, so my standards were high and the participating artists did not disappoint.

The title of the exhibition, Strange Dreamscapes, is taken from a Jack Antonoff quote:

“Black and white creates a strange dreamscape that colour never can.”

The exhibition showcases the work of:

  • Monica Lee
  • Juliet Schrenkinger
  • Katrin Berg
  • Rachelle Sutherland (NZ)
  • Stephanie Buer
  • Rachel Powers
  • Anna Kathleen (NZ)
  • Sara Baun
  • Linda Lunnon
  • Kerry Jane
  • Kylie Matheson (NZ)

Please join us for the opening Wednesday 13 March from 5.00pm.

Strange Dreamscapes
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