The Cloud: New Works by Minu

In this new series of paintings and paper mache sculptures, Minu invites the viewer to explore fragmented narratives that are never fully explained.

In a dreamlike realm, Minu’s enigmatic creations are caught between fear, annoyance, and resilience when confronted with unforeseen misfortunes in the form of The Cloud that disrupt carefully crafted plans.

Each piece can be seen as a contemplation—if a humorous one—on the resilience of the spirit in the face of adversity. 

Minu Freitag’s art is a blend of narrative and surreal art with a touch of the uncanny. She creates an otherworldly atmosphere that is both melancholic and peaceful.

Her detailed mixed-media sculptures are crafted by hand from recycled materials using traditional paper mache techniques and wood carving. Her paintings on recycled wood are framed by the artist in reclaimed rimu.


The Cloud opens Wednesday 8 May.

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