The Importance of Connection

The Importance of Connection

When it comes to buying art it is important to find pieces you form a connection with, these pieces will outlast decor trends and become treasured additions to your collection. The story or feeling these pieces have may change as your life does but good art grows with you; I have many pieces in my collection where their meaning has changed as I age and my experiences change. When it comes to art in a commercial or professional setting this sense of connection is just as important; whether it is a connection with the owner, the location, or the setting.


Quirky Fox was recently commissioned by South Taranaki Funeral Services owner, Glenn Rogers, to add the finishing touches to  transform their location into one where connection and tranquility take centre stage.

After a refresh of the interior, colouring and upholstery art was deemed the final touch in creating a welcoming space. Artwork was required for three spaces: the arrangement room, the reception lounge, and the chapel.

Working with the client, Glenn, it was discovered he had a large collection of original watercolours by his great-grandfather Herbert Rogers, sourced through auction houses, antique stores and handed down that he wished to showcase.

Some of these works had been reframed in ornate gold frames while others were in frames from various eras and in different states of repair. While the customer initially considered putting all the works into ornate gold frames, taking into account the feel and look he wanted to achieve a double mat with a classic oak box frame was suggested.


Twelve works were carefully reframed to archival standards using both conservation grade mat boards and conversation reflection control glass. While conservation reflection control glass can slightly dull the finish of a work, the amount of light and glass in the area and the sentimental value of the pieces made this the best glazing solution. 

Two of the pieces were hung in the arrangement room while the remaining eight were hung in the reception lounge. The reception lounge was completed with a similarly framed biography of Herbert Rogers and an article from a newspaper retelling one of Herbert's many adventures.


The large chapel area was also in need of art: to distract and soothe, to offer connection and comfort. All this was to be achieved on a modest budget for the number and size of the works required. A solution was found through searching the Alexander Turnbull Library photo archives for images of early Hāwera.


Photos selected included buildings that have since disappeared due to the town's history of fire or been redeveloped including the original funeral home, McCormick's from which South Taranaki Funeral Services evolved.

Eight images were picked in consultation with Glenn.


Phreon Fine Art Printing Services carefully prepared the images in consultation with Quirky Fox to be printed on a premium grade canvas and sprayed with a protectant. Each high resolution image was printed at 900mm wide or high depending on whether it was portrait or landscape.

These loose canvases were transformed into large stretched canvas works ready to be hung throughout the chapel. These works were the finishing touch to a transformed space dedicated to honouring and remembering the connections we all make through life.

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