Weekly Art Pick: Alexander Lee Landerman

Alexander Landerman Original Thrown Away

Alexander Landerman - Guest Curator 6 March

This week our guest curator is also our upcoming solo exhibition artist, Alexander Lee Landerman.

Based in Indiana, Alexander Landerman creates monochromatic works through the combination of ink and charcoal in tight lines with dynamic washes. His work often features wood type letterpress, printed by hand on a Vandercook proofing press with images drawn over the type.

Alexander's approaches his art as a way to reconnect the viewer with nature and appreciate animals.

We asked Alexander to share his picks from our collection.



Emperor Original Drawing by Anna Kathleen

Emperor by Anna Kathleen

The thing I find so striking about this piece is the way they have handled the subjects hair. As someone who often works with illustrating fur I can really see their mastery of graphite at work. It is a captivating and absolutely stunning piece.



No Wifi Limited Edition Print by Lotte Hawley

No Wifi by Lotte Hawley

Initially I'm in love with this piece because it’s a lovely drawing, with beautiful craft, and does an interesting job breaking the frame of the drawn space. After reading the title I was hooked. Like most folks working in education I long for a wifi free day, and this little shack looks like the perfect getaway.

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