Weekly Art Pick: Gillian Buckley

Gillian Buckley NZ Artist

Gillian Buckley - Guest Curator 20 March 2022

In times gone by Gillian Buckley may have been accused of witchcraft, simply because of her ability to take mundane items of stationery such as pens, biros, pencils and paper and transform them into photo-realistic portraits. 

Her portraits do more than just capture the likeness of her subject though, they capture their emotions ranging from vulnerability and uncertainty to defiance.

Each of Gillian's works, whether it is her portraits or occasional animal renditions, pays careful attention to intricate details such as fine lines and hairs. 

We asked Gillian to select two works from the Quirky Fox current collection that resonate with her and share the reason behind this.



Alexander Landerman Original Artwork End Over End

End Over End by Alexander Landerman

I love the Letterpress element of Alexander’s work and this piece in particular for both the quote and the image of the falling bird. It is so beautifully conceived, composed and executed.



Sarah Luttrell NZ Wildlife Artist

Settling Down by Sarah Luttrell

I chose this piece as it is so beautifully sweet and expertly crafted in watercolour. I also happen to love sparrows for the personalities Sarah brings forth into her painting, cheeky and charming.

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