Weekly Art Pick: Ronelle Reid

Ronelle Reid Original Artwork

Ronelle Reid - Guest Curator 20 February 2022

Each week we ask one of artists or collaborators to select two of their favourite works from our collection.

This week our guest curator is Ronelle Reid. Ronelle is a newer but much welcome addition to the Quirky Fox family. Inspired by her love of animals, Ronelle uses ink, oils and watercolours to create detailed works that explore the relationships between species and their changing habitats.

Ronelle's quirky compositions often pair animals who don't coexist naturally, inviting people to learn more about vulnerable species and do more to protect them.


Remnants Original Painting by Heather Denison

Remnants by Heather Denison

I am always in awe of Heather Denison's work it is always so precise and skilful, with complex and intimate symbolism always present. I feel like I am interrupting a conversation between animal subjects. I love this specific oil on canvas work of hers because I feel like I could stare at it every day for a year and still pick up new and interesting little details yet to explore. She has an innate ability to capture movement and stillness at the same time, with the drapery hovering in mid-flight you are unsure which direction it is travelling. I really appreciate the accuracy that she achieves with her beautiful animals always so realistic. 



Time Stood Still Original Artwork by Carne Griffths

Time Stood Still by Carne Griffiths

Carne Griffiths in his ink, tea, graphite and 24-caret gold piece "Time Stood Still" has really beautifully captured the energy of art-making with these fluid materials. I love this gem of an artwork, a precious thing that drew me in with subtlety and colour, accidental marks and deliberate precision. The depth and layers of this work are sublime. 

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