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Lesley Thiel



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Artist Statement:

Belladonna means 'beautiful lady'. The ladies of the past found that allowing drops of the extract of the plant to fall into their eyes caused the pupils to dilate, making their eyes appear more alluring. But the belladonna plant is also known as deadly nightshade, because it is a highly poisonous plant. Even honey made by bees, feeding solely on the belladonna flowers, is toxic. Just as with everything in life, the line between benefit and damage is all about the quantity. In small doses atropine, the active ingredient in belladonna, is a life saving drug. In larger doses it's a poison. The chaffinch is a symbol of personal growth and discovery, which often involves having to take our figurative medicine. How much we take, and our willingness to enter into the risk, is our choice.

Dimensions: 360mm (w) x 440mm (h)

Year: 2024

Medium: Oil on aluminium panel

Framing Specifications: Ornate charcoal frame with subtle aging

Framed Dimensions: 470mm (w) x 550mm (h)

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Lesley Thiel

Lesley Thiel is an international award winning, figurative artist known for her highly detailed surrealistic and photorealistic paintings.

Working in oils, she focuses on highly symbolic narrative pieces designed to tell a story of our relationship with the earth and the future of our species. She seeks to impress upon the viewer the interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world, whilst also trying to describe the multilayered complexity of our environment.

Her paintings centre around young women as natural beings, and the female voice in society. 

Born in England, she now lives and works in Ireland.