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Beautiful Bizarre

Beautiful Bizarre - Issue 45

Beautiful Bizarre - Issue 45

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Inside Beautiful Bizarre Issue 045:

Exclusive In-Depth Interviews: Arantza Sestayo [cover artist], Olga Esther, Kevin Sloan, Fabio Viale.

Articles: Alison Friend, Natalie Featherston, Megan Elizabeth Read, Mark Jeffrey Santos, Damian Drewniak, Brian Haberlin.

Curators Wishlist: Bernadette Bender, Director of Bender Gallery, contemporary gallery in Asheville, NC, USA, share what they would like to add to their personal collection.

Path to Creation: Brian Mashburn takes us through his creation process, from conceptualization to completed painting.

Lookbook: Full page reproductions of Ito Chieko’s incredible paintings.

Quick Q&A: Fandi Angga Saputra, Grant Perry, Diego Fernandez, S.V. Williams, Stephanie Inagaki, and Shinya Takanezawa all respond to the same 4 questions which delve into their artistic practice:

  1. What is the biggest change you’ve made to your art practice since you started, and why?
  2. If you could only create one more work what would you like that work to say?
  3. What impact has your upbringing and cultural background had on your work, and how it has influenced your approach and aesthetic?
  4. What motivates you to keep going even when sales are slow or you hit a creative block?

Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory: Discover exceptional, innovative and skilled artists from around the world with Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory – the leading platform for connecting with top talent.

Inside this issue: Amy Kollar Anderson, Ana Priscila Rodriguez, Carolin Leary Prinn, Chiyoko Kana, Chloe Chen, Cyndy Salisbury, Debra Kierce, FAYBEL, Elyse Fournier, Farzad Golpayegni, Haley Monchon, Jennifer King, Joanne Brooker, Kathleen Harmon, Katie O’ Sullivan, Kim Anderson, Kristen Eisenbraun, Kym Lee, Lilith Divine, Mary MacGregor-Reid, Mishelle Sherri, Nathalie Tousnakhoff, Noar Lee Naggan, Patrizia Vignola, Pearl Whitecrow-brown, Rachel Ivanyi, Red Persik, Reinhard Riedel, Rossella Paolini, Sara Lee, Saskia Huitema, and Steve Cleff

Some of our Favourite Things: We share some of our favourite artisan fashion designers including: Raw Flow, Absenta Accessories, Jay Briggs and Julie Eulalie.

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Beautiful Bizarre

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a leading art magazine for contemporary artists and art lovers, featuring in-depth interviews and profiles of leading and emerging visual and wearable artists from around the world.

Each issue offers informative, inspiring, and thought-provoking content, perfect for artists, artisan fashion designers, collectors, curators, galleries, and anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the contemporary art world.