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Leigh Schneider

Gone to Seed

Gone to Seed

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Edition: 15

Dimensions: 320mm (w) x 400mm (h)

Year: 2021

Medium: Digital photograph, limited edition giclee print

Framing Specifications: Tapered black frame with conservation grade glass

Framed Dimensions: 440mm (w) x 530mm (h)

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Gone To Seed - limited edition photographic print by Leigh Schneider

Leigh Schneider

Between the real and unearthly, Leigh Schneider’s work seeks not to escape reality, but to demonstrate how it may be shaped beyond what we have grown accustomed to.

Infused with symbolism and allegory, each artwork is crafted to reveal the unseen via a visual medium. Discernible yet otherworldly environments, are inhabited by subjects who are often more involved with their internal states than their surroundings.

A clean, simple aesthetic, overlays imagery that is underpinned by often existential themes.

Each piece begins with annotated sketches, which outline its purpose and the aesthetics that will transport it.

Leigh’s work takes time, the least of which is spent capturing the scene in camera. Hand made elements and natural materials collaborate, extending the work into the realm of magical realism.

While the images may appear to contain darkness or melancholy, each holds light and hopeful messaging at its core. The work's ambition is to ignite vision for transformation, growth and purpose in those who may be seeking it.